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Hello!  Thank you for taking the time to look at our site.  We truly appreciate it! 


Just to give you a little history…  I took some of my first photographs on a trip with friends shortly after high school and realized that this was something I had to do for a living.   In 1996, while living in Ocean City, MD for the summer, I achieved my first published piece, which led to a career as a Photojournalist for local newspapers in Pittsburgh and freelancing for other newspapers around the country including the New York Times.  


Early 2006 I left the newspapers to pursue documentary wedding photography. I absolutely love photographing weddings and documenting the raw emotions of each event.  I love that they are all different.   While I don't endlessly direct you or tell you to "look this way or move your chin down!",  I do tend to stay back and just let you enjoy the moments of your day.  The best photos are the ones where you don't even remember I am in the room.  My favorite compliment was "You were the easiest part of our whole wedding planning process".  Goal achieved. 


Hope to talk to you soon!





Hi!  I'm Jess, it's nice to "meet" you!   Bob and I met in 2007 at – you guessed it – a wedding.  [By the way, thanks again to Mary and Sean for getting married – I still owe you one.]  Our first date was 3 days later and we've been together ever since.  I started working with Bob in the summer of 2009 and I have loved every second of it!  It is so much fun to meet with couples and talk about your wedding day plans and hear what is most important to you.  Of course it's fabulous when people say "photography is the most important part of our wedding", and we think it SHOULD be… your photos are what you'll have to treasure for the rest of your lives together!  We can't stress enough the significance of finding a photographer who has the experience, knowledge, vision and talent to capture the happiest day of your life!   OK, I'm done lecturing.  For now, anyway :)


Bob and I recently got married ourselves, so I am happy to say I'm finally a Fritz!  I had a lot of fun planning our own wedding, and I love swapping details and plans with brides [grooms too, but they tend not to talk too much].  I pride myself in providing excellent customer service, and I will get back to you as soon as possible if you have any questions about what we do or how we do it, or how you want something done.  We're pretty flexible that way.  While Bob shoots, edits and delivers the photos, I take care of everything else and consider myself the "organizational aspect of R. Fritz Photography", handling everything from initial inquiries to albums.   As Bob mentioned, this is our job, and we love it.  We want to make this a smooth, stressless process for you – we know you have a lot to do in the next few months!  If you have a chance, check out our reviews… I'm proud to say we have some pretty happy couples [and parents too!].   THIS is what makes us love what we do!


Hopefully we will hear back from you – I'd love to talk to you about your wedding day!